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The location
Mansu is situated in the national park of Corsica on the westcoast of the island. Inside the scarcely inhabited valley of Luzzibeu you will only be surrounded by hills, mountains and the sea. Mansu lies halfway between Calvi and Galeria (about 15 km each), and at 5 km distance to Argentella. Nearby you find the lighthouse Capu Cavallu.
The house
The former shepard's lodge Mansu stands detached in the middle of a 4-hectares fenced-in property on a hillside of the eastcoast. Natural stone has been used to rebuild the house to its original style. The bright and comfortable rooms offer you all modern conveniences. (cf., Furnishings) From the terrace you enjoy a wide panoramic view across the wild north-western mountainrange of the island (to the impressive peak of Capu Tafunatu (legend).
The property
The property and its surroundings provide the nature lover with a wide array of plant and animal life as well as the opportunity to explore to discover beautiful sceneries.

A 30 minutes hike takes you up to the Genoese Tower. Standing on the ruins of this former watchtower you will enjoy a fine view across most parts of the westcoast and the northern mountains of Corsica.
Explore the interesting habitat of the renowned Macchia. Inside this widely untouched piece of nature you will discover a variety of plants, such as arbutus, heathers, mastic trees, wild olive trees, phillyrea, myrtle and animal species - from rabbits, foxes, partridges, wild goats, wild boars to ospreys.
Enjoy the spectular sunrises and sunsets and the breathtakingly starry sky.
You will love our wonderful donkeys which move about freely on the property.

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